Inneressence Psychology & Wellness

Psychologist. Retreat Facilitator. Passionate about Positive Psychology. Fascinated by Happiness. Curious of Wellness. Inspired by the Human Spirit.

I use theory and practice from Positive Psychology, ACT and CBT. I am passionate of peri and postnatal periods and life's transition stages, workplace stress and burnout, grief, loss and bereavement. I enjoy working with adolescents, especially during their senior years. I have an active interest in all things "wellness" and curious of what people think of their happiness. I have a strong belief in the dynamic and strength of groups and the power this can have to instigate positive change. I have written and facilitate a Womens Wellness retreat program which is held in Bali annually. I work with adolescents, young adults, adults, older adults and couples. I have Workcover Accreditation and a Victims Services Counsellor.

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