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Kiama Community Radio

Kiama Community Radio (KCR) is a non-profit community-based organisation run by volunteers. KCR is an online radio streaming and podcasting service produced by local residents for the communities in the Kiama Local Government Area from Minnamurra in the north to Gerroa in the south and Jamberoo in the west.

Initially launched in July 2020 as a podcasting service, KCR currently streams live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. To date, KCR has produced over 350 podcasts documenting the life of the Kiama Municipality community.

KCR also works in collaboration with other local organisations and provides podcasting and broadcasting training to people of all ages, giving the local community a voice. KCR provides local artists a new platform to connect with their audiences; businesses an alternative way to reach their customers and community groups a chance to promote their activities.
KCR’s objective is to grow into a live to air, FM radio station, reach wider audiences, and be recognised as a valuable community resource in the Kiama Municipality.

  • P.O. Box 753,
    Kiama NSW 2533
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