Maxan Investments

We are a Digital Display and Place Based Media consultancy, including specialising in the new generation of high resolution LED solutions.

Digital Place Solutions assists proactive clients gain a commercial edge through achieving their digital display and consumer engagement ambitions, always with a clear point of difference and a business outlook in mind.

The speed and impact of new digital products and services has made business more challenging than ever. Some businesses evolve quickly as market leaders whilst for most making change or playing catch-up is a difficult transition, but always essential to stay relevant. Digital Place Solutions assists clients thrive from this disruption, applying business sense to demystify digital confusion.

New generation LED display technology offers architects, designers and property owners a digital surface not previously available. Now with a wide range of resolution options, flexible form factors, light weight, low power and silent operation, developing negligible heat and delivering exceptional sustainability results, LED technology is transforming property precincts like never before.

Digital Place Solutions assists – product and services clients; retail properties; transport hubs; entertainment and gaming centres; corporate and general property owners; and media operators – adapt their businesses to unlock digital visualisation solutions that deliver customer engagement, digital experiences and product differentiation.

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