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Own Words

Own Words is the host of the Digital Story Résumé (DSR). The DSR is a 2-3min résumé made up of images and sounds. The DSR platform links Employers and Employees using skill competencies. Instead of applying for jobs using a paper resume, they use multiple modes to tell a story about who they are and the skills they have.

For example, someone applying for a barista job would put photos in their application, e.g. This is how I steam milk to the right temperature, an example of a Cappuccino they had prepared, cleaning the coffee machine at the end of the day etc.

We do this to allow job seekers to use a mode suited to them and not have to rely on one mode, the written word. Also, it allows employers to save time when recruiting as they are viewing the person undertaking skills and explaining the knowledge.

  • Building 239, Innovation Campus UOW - 239 Squires Way,
    North Wollongong NSW 2522
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