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South Coast Kook

The South Coast Kook is a surf podcast that shines the light on legends that are connected by their love of catching waves. I run a small online store and review the latest surfboards & products without all the technical terms and manoeuvres for the average surfer. I encourage members of my all-inclusive community to ask any surf questions that they may have on their learn-to-surf journey, and I will assist them in getting the right equipment for them.

I'm a massive mental health ambassador and a believer in saltwater therapy, giving my time to One Wave as a Tribe leader and bringing 'Paint your Surfboard' workshops to the local community as a Creative Kid's provider. These workshops give participants of any skill level a chance to paint skateboard decks that they get to take home or on old, recycled surfboards, which gives participants a chance to switch off from the stresses of day-to-day life.

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